Sciatica Treatments

Is sciatica wreaking havoc in your life? Dr. David Mote at Mote Wellness & Rehab in Boynton Beach, FL, offers effective techniques for relief and healing.

Guide to Sciatica and Chiropractic Care

There are many issues that cause back pain. When that pain is accompanied by numbness, tingling, and a burning sensation in the back, hips, legs, or feet, it’s likely due to sciatica. What exactly is it? Why does it cause so many uncomfortable symptoms? And how can it be treated? Dr. Mote and the team at Mote Wellness & Rehab in Boynton Beach, FL, answer these questions below.

Understanding Sciatica and Its Symptoms

Of the hundreds of peripheral nerves in the body, the longest starts in the lower back. It’s called the sciatic nerve, and there’s one that travels down each of the legs and to the feet. When it becomes pinched or compressed, that impedes the nerve’s functions and can cause a loss of sensation or intense pain.

The compression is most often caused by an issue with a spinal disc. Either a misalignment has put too much pressure on the disc causing it to tear, an accident forces the disc out of its place, or the disc has worn down. In each of these cases, either the disc itself or the inner filling puts pressure on the sciatic nerve’s roots where it originates from the spinal cord.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help?

The key to relieving symptoms associated with sciatic nerve compression is to eliminate that compression. Your chiropractor will determine the cause and develop a plan to address it, which might include any, all, or a combination of the following.

  • Adjustments: Adjustments are the technique through which alignment is restored to the spine. This helps eliminate the root cause of many cases of nerve compression.
  • Mechanical traction: Traction therapy helps decompress the spine, which helps create space for the spinal components and relieves pressure on the sciatic nerve.
  • Therapeutic exercise: While all chiropractic techniques can help provide relief and treat your injuries, they can only help so much if underlying factors aren’t addressed, as well. Targeted exercises can enhance results and help them last by strengthening the muscles necessary to support spinal health.
  • Massage therapy: Therapeutic massage can play an important role in relief, as it relieves tension, improves range of motion, increases circulation, and stimulates healing in the soft tissues.
  • Electrical stimulation: EMS is effective in relieving pain, tension, and spasms in both the muscles and the nerves.
  • Therapeutic ultrasound: Therapeutic ultrasound penetrates the soft tissues with sound waves to stimulate healing and relieve stiffness.

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