Injury Rehab

Our bodies are composed of several complex moving parts. It doesn’t take much for an accident to damage one or more of them. Dr. Mote’s team offers multiple services, in tandem, to help improve a patients recovery. Dr. David Mote, at Mote Wellness & Rehab, offers injury rehab services including chiropractic care, physical therapy, aquatic therapy and therapeutic modalities to Delray Beach and Boynton Beach area residents.

Injury Rehab
Injuries can happen from work, auto accidents, sports, or even around the home. Depending on the type of injury, there may be several options for treatment, many of which may work well together. Mote Wellness & Rehab customizes a recovery plan that is best suited to meet your needs. Some of our most common services include:

Chiropractic Care When Indicated
Our vertebrae and discs stack neatly upon one another. When they are not functioning properly, they can irritate surrounding tissues, including the nerves that emerge from the spinal cord. People are at greater risk of incurring dysfunction of the spinal segments if they suffer from musculoskeletal disorders. These can happen to anyone - a sudden impact, a fall, or even after lifting something heavy. If you were in an accident that led to any physical injury, it is likely that your spine, or other joints related injuries, will benefit from care at Mote Wellness and Rehab.

Physical Therapy
It isn’t uncommon for injuries to lead to a loss of strength, flexibility and mobility. Physical therapy is designed to minimize any loss of function, prevent re-injury and return your body to its original state.

Therapeutic Ultrasound
By using the pulsations of targeted sound, muscles and tissue are stimulated and massaged. This reduces inflammation, improves recovery and internal scarring. Therapeutic ultrasound also reduces muscle spasm and encourage relaxation.

Mote Wellness & Rehab also offers aquatic therapy, mechanical traction and electrical muscle stimulation

Injuries can cause a major disruption to your daily life. If you are injured and seeking injury rehab, reach out to Mote Wellness & Rehab. Call our Delray office at 561-865-2800, or our Boynton office at 561-742-3283, to schedule a consultation with Dr. David Mote and begin your journey to recovery.